CTF Training Session on Digital Forensics

Prof. Zhang is an expert in security field and has published several high-quality paper on all of the four top conferences in network and system security area. This week, it is our pleasure to invite him to give a CTF training session on digital forensics. You can find today’s slides at https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4iZcvYpeNvZbFlBQmlxeWI5bUk/view?usp=sharing

CTF Sharing Session

  Chris is a senior security engineer from ASTRI and also a CTFer. He also reported series of a brand router with RCE vulnerability in past few year. In this talk, Chris shared us his experience in CTF competitions and introduced some common tools used in CTF. In addition, sample questions were also provided and analyzed. […]

Capture The Flag Training Session

In the talk, Prof. Zhang introudced CTF security competition. Next week, we OIL will invite Chris from ASTRI to share his experience on CTF competition and five training sessions will also be provided in following weeks. Some self-learning material list for CTF. self-learning list for CTF (you can search them on Google): 1. RPI CTF 2. […]

A Year of Kernel Development

Wei Tang has spent the past year developping a microkernel. Rust is a new generation of system level programming language that builds on lessons of C programming languages. The kernel is written in Rust, which provides memory safety compared with c programming. The development is done in QEMU. The microkernels has all the capabilities that […]