CTF Sharing Session

  Chris is a senior security engineer from ASTRI and also a CTFer. Last year, he discovered various RCE vulnerabilities in a series of commercial routers. Chris shared with us his experience in CTF competitions and introduced some common tools used in CTF. In addition, sample questions were also provided and analyzed.   You can find […]

Capture The Flag Training Session

In the talk, Prof. Zhang introduced CTF security competition. Next week, we will invite Chris from ASTRI to share his experience on CTF competition and five training sessions will also be provided in following weeks. Some self-learning material list for CTF. self-learning list for CTF (you can search them on Google): 1. RPI CTF 2. GIT […]

A Year of Kernel Development

Wei Tang has spent the past year developing a microkernel. Rust is a new generation of system level programming language that builds on lessons of the C programming language. The kernel is written in Rust, which provides memory safety compared with C. The development is done in QEMU. A microkernel is supposed to have, aka […]

From Image Pixel Optimization to Object Understanding

Speaker: Xiaoyong Shen In this talk, Xiaoyong Shen briefly presented the research projects on computer vision during his PhD study. First, He showed the pixel-level manipulation works including image restoration, filtering, denoising, deblurring, etc. Second, approaches for image matching based on image region understanding were introduced. At last, He introduced our recent researches on automatic object […]

Multi-threading in Android applications

Speaker: Chak Man Li, Solon Mobile applications often need to perform long time operations like downloading data or intensive computations without affecting the user experience. These tasks need to be run in other threads but thread managing is hard and tedious. In this talk, I will introduce some easy-to-use classes in Android with sample codes […]

An Introduction of Apache Spark

Come and join us on Friday. Speakers: LYU Zishen, YAO Fangjie Abstract: Big data is a buzzword nowadays, many companies use big data processing platforms to tackle big data problems. Apache Spark has quite some advantages compared to others, and is rapidly becoming the compute engine of choice for big data. This talk covers Apache […]

LabView Programming 101

Hi all, This Friday night we will have a sharing about basic programming in LabView. Come and join us! Abstract: “LabView, a graphical programming language taht can enable your innovation idea into a real one. It is programming platform that using your logical thinking. Many projects have used this programming language to implement their products. […]