Drone: Features, Commercial Applications, Investigations

Register using this link: https://goo.gl/PK9xxi Drone has been popular in recent years around the world, allowing people to take video and pictures from a remote place. Besides personal recreations, usage of drones is emerging in different sectors like agriculture, construction, logistics, telecommunications, etc. In the first part of this talk, features and commercial applications of drones […]

The ABC of Passing OSCP

Register using this link: https://goo.gl/tzWjEb Jonathan is a graduate from Information Engineering. He is now an Cyber Security Analyst in a multinational Accounting Firm. He has professional experience in penetration testing, security assessments, program development and risk assessment. He specializes in network infrastructure assessments, vulnerability assessment and penetration testing across web applications, mobile applications and infrastructure […]

Bitcoin, Blockchain and Smart Contracts

In this wonderful talk, Johnny and Leo talked about blockchain and it’s application in smart contracts and insurance. They also guided audience to try examples on their laptops step by step. More than 50 people come and we want to apologize to those standing in the back. After the talk, two speakers were surrounded by audience, chat and discussion lasted for more than […]

Introduction to Format String Attack

In this talk, Zeng Yihui gave a great talk about attacking format string bugs. He started from explaining buffer overflow, ROP and other basic knowledges. In combination with demo and exercises, he showed us some advanced techniques for exploiting format string vulnerabilities. You can download slides and codes for review. Under the permission of the […]

A Brainstorming Session on The Use of Open/Big Data in Social Impact Assessment (e.g. Subjective Well-Being)

We have invited Dr. Terence Yuen to share with us the use of subjective wellbeing (SWB) data for social impact assessment particularly practical experience in the UK. How to leverage modern technology/ methodology for data collection? How to analyse massive data sets? Can we incorporate some open data? How to turn the research works into […]

First-class predicate

A new semester will start in a couple days, Open Innovation Lab will also start a new journey with interesting talks. Our old friend Wei Tang will give us some new idea in logic programming. Intro: First-class predicate, and how to implement a logic programming language in a(nother) logic programming language Presenter: Wei Tang