A Brainstorming Session on The Use of Open/Big Data in Social Impact Assessment (e.g. Subjective Well-Being)

We have invited Dr. Terence Yuen to share with us the use of subjective wellbeing (SWB) data for social impact assessment particularly practical experience in the UK. How to leverage modern technology/ methodology for data collection? How to analyse massive data sets? Can we incorporate some open data? How to turn the research works into […]

First-class predicate

A new semester will start in a couple days, Open Innovation Lab will also start a new journey with interesting talks. Our old friend Wei Tang will give us some new idea in logic programming. Intro: First-class predicate, and how to implement a logic programming language in a(nother) logic programming language Presenter: Wei Tang

Recent Meetup on Sept.19 – Code 4 HK

This talk is an introduction session to the Code for Hong Kong (Code4HK) community, the projects they have done in the past.   Snacks Time Members of OIL shared their ideas about Open Source Projects and made friends with each other. Introduction of the theme today – by Pili Hu Pili gave a short introduction […]

Meetup on Sept.12 – A new Milestone

OIL is growing little by little. On Sept.12, Five speakers gave wonderful talks and more and more friends from Hong Kong have joined us. We believe OIL will be better in the future!     Kivy — Jonathan Liang Kivy is a cross-platform project working on using python code to build app and running on […]

A SNS Aggregator App & Bootstrap — Cheng Wang

Wang Cheng has implemented a web application to aggregate different social networks and present a unified timeline for the user. This App is based on various open source projects. In this talk, he will demo the final result and walk you through invovled open source projects. In the last part, he will give an introductory […]

Lojban — Brendan Neal

With an interesting language structure, a property of culture neutral, as well as a good design philosophy, Lojban is famous among a group of people also involving in open source and open culture community.